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Emotionally Reactive? Want To Consciously Choose a Better Response?

Yes, that's exactly what Havening Techniques®️ and learning Self Havening will do for you.

In a heightened state of emotional overwhelm anxiousness, panic, dysregulation, or dis-ease you can connect your mind and body in that moment.

Creating a much-needed feeling of being safe, calm, connected and in control with Havening touch.

Havening Techniques®️ gives you that space!

From there you can consciously choose your next best response, your brain now has the space, capacity, and conscious awareness to choose.

So, what is Havening?

Well Havening Techniques is a psychosensory therapy that aims to help individuals overcome emotional and psychological challenges by working with the brain's neural pathways and promoting neuroplasticity.

It is a beautiful gentle and effective modality that allows us to heal the past, create a resilient present and a more solution focused future for ourselves.

It is basically healing in our own hands!

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain's ability to adapt and change in response to new experiences, learning, and environment.

Havening Techniques uses touch and other sensory input along with distraction to stimulate specific areas of the brain, specifically the amygdala of our reactive emotional brain.

Here it will promote the release of neurotransmitters that can help to rewire neural pathways and reduce the intensity of negative emotions attached to past memories reducing triggers.

This works really well for past traumatic memories that can be very triggering in the present day or anxiety that has its origins connected to past memories or experiences.

By reducing the impact of negative emotions connected to past memories and experiences you can develop greater personal resilience and cope more effectively with stress and adversity.

You have bounce back ability.

The process of neuroplasticity involves the strengthening or weakening of connections between neurons in response to new experiences and learning.

When you experience stress, trauma, or other negative events, the brain can become stuck in a pattern of negative thinking and emotional responses.

Havening Techniques aims to break this pattern by creating new neural connections that promote positive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Through repeated practice,

You can strengthen new neural connections and create a more positive and resilient mindset.

So, if you would like to heal any PAST emotionally triggering memory or event, learn a new skill to be emotionally regulated in the PRESENT and visualize a solution focused FUTURE for yourself,

You would love my Resilient Emotions 3-Step Reset Sessions.

If your interest is peaked why not book in for a free 20-minute clarity call me and let's see if I can support, you.

Tara 💜

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