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"Sometimes it takes emotional overwhelm to guide you to work on yourself"

Past Traumas,
Past Emotional Life Events,

Birth Trauma, Perinatal Anxiety 

  Perinatal Low Mood or Depression  

Welcome to Resilient Emotions with Tara

Birth Trauma Support

Resilient Emotions with Tara offers trauma support services for parents at any stage during their perinatal journey or after a traumatic birth experience . 

Perinatal Anxiety Support

Resilient Emotions with Tara offers gentle and effective, support tools and resources to help with understanding perinatal anxiety and manage its symptoms.

Perinatal Depression Treatment

Perinatal Depression Support

Perinatal Depression is a common experience for many new mothers. 

If you’re suffering from perinatal depression,  Resilient Emotions with Tara offers gentle and empathetic supports to help you manage and guide you through this time in your life.

Support Through Loss

Support With Baby Loss

As a specialist in perinatal trauma, Resilient Emotions with Tara offers a range of therapeutic supports to help women who have experienced child loss through illness, miscarriage or birth.

Trauma Support

Trauma Support

Resilient Emotions with Tara offers neuroscience-based trauma support, tools and techniques.

Support for clients who have experienced any kind of trauma including, childhood trauma,  

medical trauma, accidents, personal attacks, 

the loss of a  career, business or relationship, 

and more.

Trauma Support

Anxiety Management Support

If anxiety is getting in the way of living your life to the fullest, Resilient Emotions with Tara offers gentle but effective, anxiety support tools and techniques. 

Supporting  you to manage your anxiety symptoms and feel more in control.

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About Resilient Emotions with Tara

Havening Techniques® & Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing  Practitioner, Registered General Nurse

Tara Whelan

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious?
Have you experienced a past trauma or stressful life event that may be holding you back?
Do you feel like you are stuck in life and are finding it difficult to move forward?
Do you want to feel like your best self again more in control of your mind, thoughts, actions and behaviors?
Ok we need to Talk.

Hi, my name is Tara Whelan and  I am  the creator of Resilient Emotions.

I am passionate about supporting people who may be  struggle emotionally with past traumatic life events, anxiety, birth trauma or perinatal anxiety. 

If you are struggling emotionally, feeling stuck or anxious, I am here to support and guide you.
I love helping people move on from feeling emotionally overwhelmed from past life events or experiences that may be keeping them stuck in the present, to a more empowered solution focused future, one your mind desires.
I am passionate about my process because that once was me!
Emotionally overwhelmed, stuck and struggling.

I was struggling after experiencing perinatal trauma that I did not recognise. 

The effects of this experience followed me into my second pregnancy and made the transition into parenthood a difficult one.

One full of anxiety and struggle and I was totally unaware of what was actually  wrong with me.

 This coupled with past childhood experiences, poor self-beliefs and the recession in 2009, my resilience bucket overflowed into complete overwhelm and I needed help. I did the healthy thing out of necessity & sought out the support and guidance I needed at that time. 

I needed to secure the family foundation!
Out of that experience came deeper insight into emotional wellbeing and how our past life experiences can impact our present & future.

I combine all that I know now from my own traumatic experiences, with my new knowledge and training with TBR Collage of Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing, Havening Techniques and  26 years Nursing experience  into supporting  others that may be struggling too, whilst creating awareness. 

It saddens me to see people stuck in their lives, not feeling present, with no vision for an optimised future. Not knowing why, they are feeling the way they do & seeing no way forward. 

But there is a way once you accept feeling the emotional overwhelm. Work on opening your awareness and insight into your issues, problems, emotions and feelings.

Yes, the answers will always be deep inside your sub conscious mind.

Guidance to have that inner knowing surface is all that’s needed to move forward and become “unstuck”. I am here to support you on that journey .

I can take you from being stuck in your past to feeling more connected to yourself in the present day and visualising a brighter future for yourself.

Yes, you can heal from your PAST, become aware & resilient in your PRESENT and visualise a solution focused FUTURE your mind desires

Client Testimonials

"Benefited hugely from the authenticity that Tara has naturally. She is completely present with her clients and is so warm and welcoming. Tara used person first language to help everybody feel welcome and explained the techniques in language that was easy to understand. Tara’s warmth is evident and she is so passionate about her practice."


"Tara is a kind, caring , lady who has her client interest at heart always . Her continued kindness and genuine interest in progress is something rare these days. We hope in a post covid world We can revisit Tara and reconnect in person. A gifted practitioner. Services is brilliant & you help me get by it thanks again Tara."


"Working with Tara helped me let go of the feeling of shame and blame. I realised the recent event was making me so anxious as I felt the shame I had been carrying with me. Once I worked through this with Tara I felt so much lighter. I have become much more in touch with myself. I am more confident in interactions with people. I can talk freely and openly about my life. I am now proud of what I have achieved rather than feeling shame. I am confident in making decisions about the future as I now know what I want from the future."


" Tara was so easy to talk to and so professional. I have recommended her to family and friends. As soon as I sat in the car after our appointment, I immediately felt like the biggest weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was like the fog in my brain had cleared. I could understand what I felt, I wasn't nervous to talk about how I felt and I think I realised that I didn’t have to hide my fears or feelings"


" Tara you were like the fairy godmother to my head! You helped me take back control of my feelings and that allowed me to go on to enjoy my pregnancy, appreciate my body for the amazing job it’s done and open up about my feelings when I need to. "

Mum to 2

"I went to Tara for help with anxiety and PTSD. I was feeling all over the place and couldn’t even concentrate properly. Tara made me feel so relaxed and comfortable the moment I met her. The session with her was remarkable. I drove home singing uncontrollable to myself. She gave me the tools to help me confront he fears I had and move on from them. My anxiety and PTSD no longer control my life. I feel so much more like myself again."


"I went to Tara as I was very unhappy in my life, I had a lot of past issues and had no direction, and I just felt stuck and angry. After my session with Tara I was exhausted and flat for a day, but she had warned me, so I was prepared. Then suddenly I felt something lift off me and felt this overwhelming feeling of happiness and have been feeling it since on my bad days I have tools to help me bounce back to feeling better much quicker. I just wish I had taken care of my problems and issues sooner as I feel so much better."


"I visited Tara about a phobia that acted as a roadblock at different stages in my life. In just one session it was resolved. Tara made me feel so relaxed and explained everything to me in detail which put me at ease immediately. Tara has a natural empathy and was such a warm person that I had no problem opening to convey my issue Havening was a new concept for me but the feel-good factor I felt after was amazing I cannot recommend Tara highly enough."


"I had a session with Tara and was blown away by the uplifting results!"


"Very relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Tara is a helpful and professional lady. I went to Tara with extreme anxiety and so overwhelmed that I just could not cope anymore.
This was not an option for me as I had too many responsibilities in life and needed to get back to feeling like myself fast. I had 3 session with Tara and found it all very helpful in giving me control of my mind problems and life again. I still have bad days and still have work to do but I now have the tools to move forward I feel more confident and feel better about my future."

Pat, 44

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