Havening Techniques®

Resilient Emotions with Tara is a qualified Havening Techniques® practitioner providing Havening therapy as well as Self-Havening Techniques® education to clients

Havening Techniques®

Havening Techniques®  is a relatively new, innovative, neuroscience-based therapy that is a gentle and effective treatment for past emotional traumas, anxiety, fears and phobias, that may be holding you back ,from being free to live the life you desire or being the person you want to be.

Havening Techniques® are otherwise known as Delta Wave Techniques, is a practice that uses simple touch to create delta waves in the brain. 

It specifically works on the amygdala of the brain, de-traumatising the memory and releasing the emotional connection that is causing the distress. This, in turn, helps to permanently eliminate and release unwanted feelings and emotions from both the body and mind.
It is also a highly effective tool and technique for the enhancement of resilience and general wellbeing.  Increases resilience by enhancing  confidence and self-esteem, encouraging personal and professional growth.

Resilient Emotions with Tara provides professional Havening Techniques ® services suitable for a range of emotional disorders and traumas including anxiety,  fears, phobias, perinatal anxiety, and perinatal trauma. I am qualified as a  Havening Techniques® Practitioner, and offer an empathetic, gentle, effective and  professional Havening  service  to my clients, ensuring that they  feel safe, validated, listened to , and respected throughout their sessions.

 The end goal of Havening Techniques® is to quickly and effectively aid you in living your life free of the emotional tags connected  to your past traumatic experiences  and move forward with more resilience and enhanced  personal growth.

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Havening Techniques® - RESILIENT EMOTIONS 3 Step Reset SESSIONS 

Resilient Emotions with Tara offers Havening Techniques® services over a three session period, with sessions usually occurring a week or two apart.
Step by step, the process aims to release trauma, anxiety and overwhelming emotional symptoms by disengaging the emotional connection  from painful past experiences  or traumatic memories.

With this break in emotional connection, there is an opportunity to begin thinking feeling and responding differently in ways, and start to build a resilient mind set with professionally-taught tools and daily practice of Havening Techniques.
The final step of  my Resilient Emotions 3 Step Reset is finishing with a brighter vision of yourself,  not being held back by your past. The end goal is to  support you in  confidently enjoy living your life again.

You will see the impact on your day to day life and relationships with these past emotions lifted and now feeling free, released, and empowered.

Heal from your PAST, build resilience in your PRESENT, and see your brighter FUTURE with my Resilient Emotions  3 Step Reset  sessions.

What is Havening TECHNIQUES® Suitable for Treating? 

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Mental Blocks or Mental Fog

  • Perinatal Trauma

  • Traumatic Birth

  • Perinatal Anxiety

  • Perinatal Depression

  • Phobias

  • Painful Memories

  • Feelings of Being “Stuck” in Your Life & Fearful to Move Forward

Havening Technique® FAQ