Birth Trauma

Resilient Emotions with Tara provides professional birth trauma support services  suitable for women who have experienced trauma during pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-partum period

Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma is distress experienced by a woman either during or after childbirth.

This form of trauma can be physical, emotional or psychological and  can lead to perinatal anxiety, postpartum PTSD, depression, lack of bonding with baby, and can impact the family dynamics as a whole . 

Birth trauma is not just about what happened during the birth, but it is also about how you felt or your partner felt during that experience.

At the time of birth did you or your partner feel fear, helpless or unheard?

Maybe you feared for your life or your babies life?

After such an experience it is possible to feel shocked, guilty, numb, angry or anxious.


  • Do you feel anxious or panicky when thinking about your baby’s birth?

  • Are you having flashbacks intrusive or reoccurring thoughts of the birth?

  • Have some memory loss regarding pasts of the birth because it is too distressing?

  • Are you feeling sadness or numbness? Unable to bond with your baby?

  • Having difficulty sleeping or nightmares?

  • Feeling irritable disconnected and have angry outbursts with loved ones?

  • Feeling hyper vigilant on edge or jumpy?

  • Avoiding activities, friends or places that remind you of the birth?

  • Fear becoming pregnant again?

Perinatal Trauma can occur at any time during the perinatal journey.
Traumatic challenges such as, a difficult or lengthy fertility journey, miscarriage, loss of a baby, undiagnosed illness of the baby, a sick baby baby or mother, struggling physically post childbirth, a difficult breast feeding experience or other distressing events at this time.
When left untreated, trauma can manifest itself and can leave the sufferer intensely afraid of pregnancy, sex, childbirth, breastfeeding, often suffering from flashbacks, nightmares or anxious when confronted with triggers.
Resilient Emotions with Tara uses Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind and Havening Techniques© practices to guide and support women with birth trauma symptoms

  if you would like to move on from truama symptoms feel free to book or call me for a free 30 min consultation tara

Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind

Resilient Emotions with Tara  offers Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind Sessions  designed to help mothers recover from the aftermath of a traumatic birth or any traumatic experience during the perinatal journey.

Using neuroscience-based Havening Techniques® and Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind technique which will help disconnect the emotional connections from the memories.
With this break in feelings and symptoms there is an opportunity to begin thinking, feeling, and responding differently in healthier ways that will help you gently recover and move on.

The sessions involves 3 Steps-

  • A debriefing listening session to have your story heard ( should you wish to tell it) whilst understanding the changes you would like to experience with your symptoms lifted.

  • Deep relaxation, revisiting the event in your mind in a specific way whilst you remain feeling safe and secure in the present moment.

  • Imagining and visualising coping and responding differently with a more solution focused approach into the future.

8 NHS hospitals now use TBR 3 step rewind as part of their perinatal mental health pathway.

For further information on:
TBR 3 Step Rewind
Havening Technique

Resilient Emotions with Tara’s Birth Trauma Support is Suitable For Treating:

  • Childbirth Trauma

  • Perinatal Trauma

  • Prenatal PTSD

  • Difficult Labour Experiences

  • Experiences of Medical Negligence

  • Experiences of Physical Negligence

  • Mistreatment During Labour or Hospital Stay

  • Transitioning into Motherhood

  • Fear of Pregnancy or Childbirth

  • Breastfeeding Trauma & Anxiety

  • Difficulties with Bonding

  • Serious Illness During or After Childbirth

  • The Loss of a Child After/During Childbirth

Birth Trauma FAQ

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