Support Through Loss

Resilient Emotions with Tara offers a compassionate, gentle and safe support service for parents struggling with loss and the process of grief 

Support Through Loss

Losing a pregnancy or baby is a traumatic event with associated emotional overwhelm and a feeling of helplessness.

It is natural to feel a huge amount of grief and sadly sometimes this can feel very lonely and isolating, combined with a lack of support and
understanding from friends, family, services and the community at large.

During the process of grief you may need different kinds of support depending on how you are feeling and processing your loss.

The support I can offer at Resilient Emotions is -

  • A listening ear that is trauma informed

  • A safe space to understand and process your feelings around the loss that you have experienced with compassion.

  • A practice of relaxation and grounding techniques to help manage anxiety and panic that unfortunately is sometimes a part of this kind of traumatic loss.

  • Support in future pregnancies if anxiety, fear and panic heighten or become re-triggered.

  • Using the exercise TBR 3 Step Rewind & Havening Techniques to help manage anxiety, fear and panic if trauma symptoms persist.

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We Provide Support For All Parents Bereaved in the Perinatal Period:

  • Miscarriage Support

  • Stillborn Support

  • Abortion Support

  • Support Through IVF Trauma

  • Loss During Birth

  • Loss After Birth

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