Resilient Emotions with Tara offers neuroscience-based trauma support tools & techniques


Trauma can be described as any life event that a person finds emotionally overwhelming or highly stressful. 

Trauma is when your past becomes present.

When something from your past starts to negatively affect or impact your present day.

I work with adults who have experienced traumas such as adverse childhood experiences, emotional neglect or abuse, bullying, personal attacks, car accidents, loss of relationships, loss of job or business, major surgery, life-threatening illness, birth trauma, or vicarious witnessed trauma.

 Using  Havening Techniques® a neuroscience based paradigm.
The impact & scars left from one or more of these events can have long term effects on a person’s  emotional and mental wellbeing and lead to low mood, depression or anxiety.
Trauma is personal!

 Only you know how you felt about an event and your experience of it.

Trauma includes events in life when you may have felt:

  • Frightened under threat

  • Humiliated rejected

  • Loss of control unsafe trapped

  • Unsupported or cared for invalidated

If this is the type of trauma support you need book an appointment with me Tara or phone for a free 30 min consultation chat 

Trauma FAQ

Recovery from trauma needs therapy that can help the brain to reprocess difficult memories that cause distress or emotional overwhelm and connect to a feeling of safety and calm.

Havening Techniques is a gentle and effective neuroscience-based trauma therapy, an alternative to traditional talking therapy. Havening treats trauma symptoms whilst increasing personal growth and resilience. This blended with a solution focused approach with Future life progression guides my clients to Heal from their past, become resilient in the present, and visualise a brighter future.