Resilient Emotions with Tara offers gentle and effective neuroscience based anxiety management tools with Havening Techniques®


Anxiety can be defined as feelings of worry, fear, and unease. While everyone will feel bouts of anxiety at some stages in their life, during stressful events such as moving house, losing a loved one, and preparing for a job interview, anxiety disorders can be defined as feelings of anxiety when there is no obvious reason to be anxious. When left untreated, these feelings develop into an anxiety disorder and can get in the way of daily tasks and  activities.   

Anxiety can be characterised by a number of symptoms including fear, worry, nervousness, restlessness, panic, racing heartbeat, shaking, and sweating and panic attacks.

Anxiety always wants action because it originates from the fight, flight, freeze section of the brain the Limbic system. 

Specifically the amygdala and this is the area that we work on with Havening Techniques. 

Anxiety is a normal process that helps us prepare for danger, and a normal reaction to things that we all experience daily such as, a job interview, a meeting with our boss or meeting someone new. A small amount of  anxiety is normal and means we are adaptable to the world we live in however it may become  a problem when our brain and body perceives  a danger when in reality there isn’t, or when it comes out of nowhere suddenly causing disruption.

Anxiety could be described as our response to perceived threats.

Neuroscience has shown us through something called neuroplasticity that we are able to change. Our brains are adaptable, no matter what age we are!

Anxiety is a habitual pattern that we create in our minds and becomes so much so that it runs unconsciously.

It creates a firm neural pathway in the brain. The good news is this can be changed, by interrupting and breaking its connections when triggered into feeling safe calm and connected and by forming new ‘neural’ pathways that are more empowering.

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Resilient Emotions with Tara’s Anxiety Management & Support is Suitable For:

  • Work Stress & Anxiety

  • Financial Stress & Anxiety

  • Adult Bullying

  • Family Anxiety

  • Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder

  • Panic Disorders

  • Managing Panic Attacks

  • Medication-Induced Anxiety

  • Relationship Anxiety

  • Anxiety Related to Trauma

  • Perinatal Anxiety

  • Anxiety as a Result of a Major Life Change

  • Health Issues

  • Agoraphobia or Public Speaking

  • Personal Triggers

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