Anxiety during pregnancy and in the first year postnatally is as common as depression.

The MAMMI study found that 1 in 14 women experienced anxiety before they became pregnant, almost 1 in 20 experienced anxiety during pregnancy and this increased to 1in 8 just three months after the baby was born.⠀

However, a lot of new mums may not recognise this anxiety and its effects on their emotional and mental wellbeing.⠀

Anxiety and worries are normal responses that we feel to threats, changes and new situations. Such as pregnancy, birth and the transition into parenthood.⠀

"But how do I know if I have perinatal anxiety or need support?"⠀

It’s when the anxiety or worries take over, become constant or disrupt your normal day to day activities, relationships or precious time with your baby.⠀

Anxiety perinatally looks and feels like –:arrow_down:️⠀

Irritability and feelings of overwhelm.⠀

Very black and white thinking⠀

Harmful unserving beliefs about your abilities to mother.⠀


Catastrophizing thoughts⠀

Feeling constantly on edge⠀

Excessive worrying about the future or your baby⠀

Increased heart rate, sweating shortness of breath or muscle tension.⠀

lack of confidence in your abilities⠀

Intrusive thoughts or images⠀

Difficulty sleeping⠀

If you are struggling with any of the above, I am here to support and guide you with resources to help you down regulate your anxiety and manage its disruptive symptoms.⠀


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