Birth Trauma Is Not a Mental Illness

Birth Trauma and its symptoms is NOT a mental illness.

It is a psychological injury to the amygdala in the brain in response to an overwhelming emotional or traumatic experience on your perinatal journey.

Recovery post birth trauma needs specific trauma informed therapies and supports like -


Havening Techniques®️

Trauma informed CBT

Traumatic Birth Recovery 3-Step Rewind

Trauma Specific EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Take time to connect with and seek the right therapy and therapist for you.
Engage in a free clarity and rapport building call and ask questions.
See if they are the right fit for you with a good feeling and energy between you.
Good rapport is particularly important.

If you feel good rapport, then commit to booking in for support sessions.

This is your precious time and investment so invest wisely!

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Tara ❤


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